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EduQuest: A Global Team of FDA Compliance Experts   presents a proven, 3-day training class for Data Integrity, Security & Compliance

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(rated 5 out of 5 stars by 96% of previous students)


FDA Auditing Martin Browning teaches Part 11 compliance strategiesof Computerized Systems

and Part 11 /Annex 11 Compliance


Available as an On-Site, On-Demand class

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EduQuest's most popular classroom course for more than 20 years.


   Understand and comply with FDA and EU rules for data integrity and security


   Learn from the very best: experts who wrote the rules, teach FDA inspectors, train industry Quality and IT specialists, and who themselves were expert FDA investigators


   Learn how to ensure your records and reports withstand the toughest scrutiny by FDA and third-party inspectors


   Be taught real-world ways to audit the proper validation of COTS, custom, hybrid, and vendor-hosted (cloud-based) computerized systems


Learn from former FDA investigators and policy-makers,

including the author of the original Part 11 rules,

as well as expert advisors who train and consult for global industry.


Receive expert advice from ex-FDA senior officials, former inspectors, and industry authorities.


Keep your company safe from FDA’s stepped-up enforcement in three areas directly impacted by Part 11 and computer systems validation:


  1. Data integrity, especially in product manufacturing and clinical trials

  2. Supplier quality assurance

  3. Audit trails and change control in virtual computing environments, including “Software as Service” and cloud computing


This course also includes a complete update on FDA’s latest Part 11 “tag-along” inspection initiatives and a thorough explanation of the EU's Annex 11 rules and their relationship with Part 11.


Get 3 days of hands-on Part 11/Annex 11 compliance

and inspection readiness training from the same instructors

who trained FDA and Health Canada inspectors and officials.


This course is based on the curriculum EduQuest originally developed at FDA’s request to train agency field investigators, analysts and compliance staff on Part 11 rules and the inspection of computerized systems. Later, EduQuest provided similar training to Health Canada's headquarter officials and field investigators.


The basic curriculum continues to be used by FDA to train its inspectors through the Agency's "ORA-U" (Office of Regulatory Affairs University) series of online courses.

Examine the FDA Auditing of Computerized Systems curriculum

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Learn FDA and EU rules for data integrity and security,

plus how to ensure your records and reports withstand

the toughest scrutiny by FDA and third-party inspectors.


You’ll be trained on:



"Unsolicited plug: EduQuest seminars are excellent! If you can attend, you should. I've been to several of your seminars over the years, enjoy them, and always leave with a pile of new information. If you can get your management (CxO or director-level people and IT staff to attend, you should." (Doug Finner, Elbit Systems)


Course Curriculum:

FDA Auditing of Computerized Systems

and Part 11/Annex 11 Compliance


3 days, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day




Here's what students are saying about the class:


"Unsolicited plug: EduQuest seminars are excellent! If you can attend, you should. I've been to several of your seminars over the years, enjoy them, and always leave with a pile of new information. If you can get your management (CxO or director-level people and IT staff to attend, you should." (Doug Finner, Elbit Systems)


Students participate in 3 Mock FDA Audits to better learn Agency expectations"I'm a strong advocate for EduQuest's Computerized Systems and Part 11 training. Give my best regards to Martin Browning and the whole team of professionals at EduQuest." (Julian Goins, Sr., Computerized Systems Quality Assurance Manager, UCB Pharma)


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The information given was not only interesting, but I feel I learned several things to take back and put into practice. The instructors are knowledgeable and relay the material very clearly. Love the scenarios!" (T.P., September 2015)


Speakers are awesome! The three of them are knowledgeable people.” (R.K., November 2016) 

“Very knowledgeable presenters; good manner and pace of presentations. The series of audits on fictional companies was good and the information on auditing and management of Software as a Service (SaaS) vendors were particularly helpful.” (J.K, November 2016)

"Instructors were excellent. The exercises gave a good opportunity to get into 'trial audit' mode and think of areas to focus on and questions to ask." (E.L., April 2015)


“The mock audits were very helpful and informative for me as a new IT auditor (coming from GLP-lab QA). They gave good scenarios of what to look for and what documents, etc., should look like – with good interaction between attendees” (S. G., November 2016)

 “Good explanation of the regulations (Part 11, Annex 11) on first day, setting up Day 2 and Day 3 exercises that utilized those regulations. Instructors were knowledgeable.” (M.S., November 2016)

"Expert trainers with real-world experience. Great location, room size, etc." (R.G., September 2015)


"Awesome seminar. [Strengths are] instructor knowledge and real-life examples." (K.C., September 2015)


“Excellent presentations, full of fact and useful information. Lots of examples which were relevant. The 3 scenarios were excellent and very thought provoking.” (M.J., April 2014)


“[Strengths were] the mock audits – great representation of reality! Group interaction to review the class materials moved at a great pace and kept the class’ attention. Very knowledgeable instructors. Great to have multiple examples for mock audits.” (D. B., April 2014)


“All aspects were great…the scenarios were excellent. The massive experience of the instructors helped greatly.” (K. M., April 2014)


 “This class provided good information directly from the source. Makes me more confident in my role.” (P. K., April 2014)


“Instructors were not only knowledgeable but delivered [instruction] with enthusiasm, which was infectious. Mock inspection exercise is one of the best examples of this type I have experienced.” (A. W., September 2013)


“The interactive approach to breaking down computer validation through the inspection process really drives home the required elements of a good validation plan and execution. The instructors were all engaging and thought provoking!” (R. A., September 2013)


“The mock audit was great to identify deficiencies in documentation to support Part 11 compliance.” (A. A., September 2013)


 “I was really impressed about the professional expertise of the trainers and the friendly attitude of everybody!”  (A.G., September 2013)


 “I truly enjoyed the course, particularly meeting with the instructors and the lunch conversations. Would certainly recommend the course to other colleagues.” (C. K., September 2013)


 “Excellent organization of the material; logical content. Openness, interactivity, and the exercise is a terrific opportunity to see the same concepts from multiple point of views.” (T. H., April 2013)


"Incredible experience and knowledge of the FDA. Good [course] structure/buildup to activity.”


About Your Course Instructors:

Industry Pros and Former FDA Investigators and Rule-Makers.


Martin Browning is the President and Co-Founder of EduQuest, Inc., a global team of FDA compliance experts based near Washington, D.C. Martin has more than 30 years of regulatory experience at the FDA and as a highly sought-after advisor to industry. His 22-year career at FDA included work in the field offices as an investigator and as a senior manager in the Office of Regulatory Affairs at FDA headquarters. He capped his FDA career by serving as a special assistant to the Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs. He also served as vice chair of FDA’s electronic record and signature working group, where he helped draft the original 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. In addition, Martin served as the chair of the U.S. government’s ISO 9000 committee and was a member of the FDA committee that developed the medical device Quality System Regulation (QSR).


At EduQuest, Martin helps clients solve problems related to FDA regulation, quality assurance, software and systems engineering, and compliance auditing, including the assessment of vendors and outsourced operations. His specific experience also includes quality systems design, system design assurance and verification, and the validation of biopharmaceutical and device systems, processes and software. Martin was named Speaker of the Year in 2004 by the Institute of Validation Technology (IVT) and has received dozens of other awards from the FDA, DIA, ASQ, and other organizations.


"[I liked] the knowledge and experience of the speakers and the mock audit. Thank you very much, Martin Browning!"


“[I enjoyed] the ability to receive information directly from a former FDA investigator. It was also good to hear the Q/A from various individuals from various locations and companies.”



Sharon A. Strause is a national authority on computer systems validation and a member of EduQuest's global consulting and training team. She has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device fields, including 15 years at McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals, a Johnson & Johnson Company. For seven of those years, Sharon managed the Quality Sciences and Compliance Document Control Group that established standards, policies and practices for documentation. She also was responsible for computer system validation on the McNeil/JJMCP SAP project. Sharon is a member of the advisory board of the Institute of Validation Technology (IVT), and she is the editor of the Computer Validation Forum published in the Journal of Validation Technology. She received an Industry Recognition Award from IVT in 2004.


I was very impressed with the course. Let me congratulate you on coming up with what was both incredibly resourceful and entertaining at the same time.”




Latest Schedule of Course Dates:

FDA Auditing of Computerized Systems

and Part 11/Annex 11 Compliance


On-site, on-demand training is available when and where you need it


This course can be delivered directly at your facility, when and where convenient for you and your colleagues. As a general rule,  you should have at least 15-20 students to make on-site training cost-effective. For details, email EduQuest.


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